AIM Math workbooks are presently implemented and used by hundreds of schools and thousands of students all over Nepal. Please read what they are saying.


" AIM Math is not a mathematics text book, but a self-learning book for math, for not only does this practice book help students understand and appreciate math, it also boosts up their self-confidence level by helping them learn the wonders of the subject. However, for this mathematics practice book to bring about the desired result students need to commit to practicing it each day. "

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Founder and Executive Director

Pragati English Boarding School,Pokhara


" It was a great idea to introduce AIM Math Practice Book into our school’s curriculum. Our math teachers say that Aim Math has helped them become highly effective teachers, while our students say it has helped them succeed academically.
Meanwhile, the parents of our students say that thanks to AIM Math their kids are practicing mathematics at home even during holidays, and that it has helped them sharpen their mind. "

Teeka Jung BK


GURUKUL ACADEMY, Ghorahi-11, Dang


" After our students started learning mathematics through AIM Math, we noticed that they have started showing a keen interest in the subject, while their fear of math has also evaporated to a great extent. At the same time, we found them to have become time-bound for completing the given task. Now that I have clearly observed the good effects of this practice book on my students I have no hesitation recommending this scientifically designed mathematics book for your school, and/or classroom. "

Amina Timsina (Basnet)

Founder Principal

Lilliput Montessori Children House, Biratnagar – 02


" Teachers in our school have found AIM Math Practice Book very useful for helping inculcate the habit of practicing mathematics among school children. This book has also aroused students’ interest in the subject. With a bit of modification in the length of the chapters and exercises this book will really benefit the students as well as the teachers in the teaching-learning process, which is the heart of education. "

Nima Lama

Academic In-charge

Pushpasadan School, Kirtipur


" Our schoolkids really love practicing AIM Math every day. Since it is based on “speed + accuracy = mastery” principle, it is useful for both struggling as well as already-advanced children. Thank you very much AIM Math Team for this practical and useful math enrichment program.. "

Ramesh Shrestha


Mandan Valley Academy, Kavre


" After introducing AIM Math Practice Book in our school, we have found it to be very effective for teaching mathematics to small schoolkids. They now find it interesting and fun to learn to count and do basic math due to the use of pictures and clever designs in the practice book. Guardians are happy seeing their kids enjoy this book, while teachers love it as it has become a good exercise book that has helped children make good progress in math in a very short time. "

Anuradha Shrestha


Harmony Kids’ Montessori School & Training Centre, Gongabu, Kathmandu